Dubbed the “Preppy Killer,” Robert Chambers strangled his girlfriend and claimed her accidental death was the result of “rough sex”

The “Preppy Murder” case is one of the most famous New York cases of all time; Photo source.

It was dawn on Tuesday, August 26, 1986. A cyclist enjoying a morning ride through Central Park stumbled upon a grisly discovery as she biked near Fifth Avenue and 83rd Street. Behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art lay the half-naked corpse of a young woman. Her underwear was found discarded nearby. She had been strangled to death, but the cuts, bruises, and bite marks all over her body suggested that she had ferociously fought back against her killer.

If this sounds like an opening scene to a Law & Order: SVU episode, it’s because this high-profile crime inspired the creator…

After brutally raping and murdering his victim, the killer went home to his sleeping fiancée and got married a few months later.

Christy Ann Mirack was only 25-years old when she was raped and murdered; Photo source.

I vividly and fondly remember my 20s. Moving out of my parents’ home. The pride in landing my first “real” job. The adventures of living with roommates. Late nights clubbing followed by lazy Sundays recovering. Most of all, I remember dreaming about my future and feeling excited and optimistic about what lay ahead.

I imagine Christy Ann Mirack felt the same way. The 25-year old teacher taught at Rohrerstown Elementary School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She had been ecstatic when she landed what she saw as her dream job. When she wasn’t teaching, Christy and her roommate enjoyed sunbathing on their…

A lesson in why not to be a greedy S.O.B.

Ed and Julie Post on their wedding day; Photo source.

Let me tell you a story about a man who almost got away with murder. The man’s wife had drowned in a hotel bathroom while the two were on a business trip. Investigators thought the death seemed suspicious. However, the man had multiple alibis during her death, and there was no direct physical evidence to suggest foul play. The man was in the clear.

At this point, he could have gotten his wife’s sizeable insurance money and gone on his merry way. But, no, that wasn’t enough for him. The man decided to sue the hotel to get even more…

Her meticulous entries revealed the killer’s shocking motive.

Kathleen was a young mother of two; Photo source.

When Kathleen Lipscomb’s naked body was found on a deserted road outside of San Antonio, police immediately zeroed in on three individuals: her husband, whom she was in the process of divorcing, her married lover, and her coworker who had abruptly left town on the day of her disappearance.

One by one, police cleared these suspects, and the case grew cold. Determined to keep the case alive and find justice for Kathleen, her family hired a private investigator. …

After 13 years of horrific abuse, a housewife set her ex-husband on fire

Francine Hughes worked as a nurse after being acquitted of murder; Photo source.

The 1984 film “The Burning Bed” is considered one of the greatest American TV-movies of all time, not only for the two lead characters’ incredible performances but also for the film’s unflinchingly honest portrayal of domestic violence.

In the film, Farrah Fawcett portrays a battered woman who has endured years of her husband’s beatings. She tries desperately to get help, but everyone in her small town looks the other way. One night after her husband beats and rapes her, she snaps. She pours gasoline around her sleeping husband and sets the bed on fire. …

Was he also responsible for his daughter’s mother’s disappearance seven years earlier?

Valiree was 9-years old when she disappeared; Photo source.

I can’t find my daughter. On October 18, 1999, a distraught father called 911 in tears. 34-year-old William Bradley “Brad” Jackson claimed that his daughter, Valiree, played outside that morning. When it was time to leave for school, Brad discovered that she was missing, her backpack the only thing left behind on their front doorstep. Valiree was only nine years old.

Everyone knew and loved the little girl with distinctive red hair and a bright smile. The close-knit community immediately rallied together not only to help police search for Valiree but also to comfort Brad, who seemed genuinely devastated. The…

Helle Crafts was put through a wood-chipper.

Helle Crafts was a flight attendant for Pan Am; Photo source.

In September of 1986, Helle Crafts had had enough. She was tired of her husband’s lies, affairs, and general lack of effort towards their children and marriage. She had already met with a divorce attorney and hired a private investigator who confirmed her husband’s numerous instances of infidelity. Her mind was made up. She was going to leave him.

Helle was a flight attendant for Pan Am. On November 18, 1986, her impending divorce weighed heavily on her mind as she sat through a long flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to her home in Newtown, Connecticut. While chatting with her fellow…

She spent the first 13 years of her life deprived of human interaction

Genie’s story is one of the cruelest instances of forced isolation; Photo source.

Throughout history, there are legends of feral children growing up in isolation, sometimes even raised by wild animals. As a result, they have no experience with normal human behavior or language.

Arguably the most famous of these cases was a young girl called Genie. From when she was a baby, her deranged father isolated her from the world and severely abused her.

Her story captivated the public and the scientific community, prompting them to wonder, “Was it possible to learn language and social skills after a childhood of extreme social deprivation?”

What they learned from studying Genie forever changed our…

Whatever the outcome, interviewing is an invaluable exercise

Photo: Christina/Unsplash

Interviews can be an intimidating experience. You have to present your background and skills in a compelling way. You have to think on your feet as you answer hypothetical work scenarios. You need to impress a panel of interviewers, some of whom could be intimidating themselves. And most scary of all, you’re making yourself vulnerable and open to rejection.

Knowing all of these possibilities, I recently interviewed for a new job. I enjoy my current role, but I saw a job posting within my company that looked exciting. The hiring manager was someone I deeply admire, and the job itself…

Was it part of an organized campaign to silence outspoken women?

A typical photo that graced Tara Fares’s popular Instagram page; Photo source.

At the time of her death, 22-year old Tara Fares was the 6th most followed Iraqi person on social media with 2.8 million followers. The model and beauty blogger was controversial in her native Iraq for her risqué photos and perceived lack of modesty.

Tragically, Tara’s life was cut short in 2018 when she was shot in broad daylight in an upscale Iraqi neighborhood. She was one of at least four influential women killed in a short period, leading people to wonder whether it was a random act of violence or something far more sinister.

Was Tara’s death part of…

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